What city in georgia has the highest crime rate?

College Park, located on the south side of Atlanta, once again tops the list as the most dangerous city in Georgia. It's home to the busiest airport in the world, but it's also home to a significant amount of crime. With a population of just 14,724, but nearly 1,700 crimes last year, that's what makes College Park the most dangerous city in Georgia. Valdosta has experienced a higher crime rate compared to national and state averages.

Both violent and property crimes have been a source of concern for the city. Violent crimes, such as assault, robbery and murder, have been recorded at higher rates than in many other cities in Georgia. Property crimes, such as theft and robbery, have also posed challenges for Valdosta. Atlanta is one of the largest cities in Georgia and has experienced a massive increase in criminal activity over the past decade.

According to Neighborhood Scout, Atlanta's violent crime rate is around 82.31 per 1000 people, much higher than the national average. Robberies, thefts, thefts and vehicle thefts are common, especially in the downtown and West End areas. WAYCROSS, GEORGIA - The story of Stuckie, the mummified dog found inside a tree in the woods of Waycross, Georgia, has enthralled people around the world. Georgia has had a good proportion of crime rates, making some cities in Georgia among the most dangerous in the United States.

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