What is the area code for roswell, georgia?

Roswell, Georgia, officially uses an area code overlay in which the 470, 678, 770, and 943 area codes serve the same geographical area. It is necessary to dial ten digits (area code+seven-digit number). In addition to information about area codes for Roswell, Georgia, read more about area codes 470, 678, 770 and 943 and area codes for Georgia. Towards the mid-1830s, King rebuilt a mill that would soon become the largest in North Georgia: Roswell Mill.

He brought with him 36 African slaves from his own coastal plantation, in addition to another 42 skilled carpenter slaves bought in Savannah to build the mills. Slaves built the mills, infrastructure, houses, apartments for factory workers and auxiliary buildings of the new city. Africans brought their unique culture, language, and religious traditions from the Geechee of the coast to North Georgia. During the Civil War, the city was captured by Union forces led by General Kenner Garrard.

Under General Sherman's orders, Garrard sent factory workers north to prevent them from returning to work if the factories were rebuilt. This was a common Sherman tactic to economically interrupt the Confederate rebellion. The mill burned down, but the houses were left standing. The ruins of the mill and the 9.1 m (30 ft) dam that was built to generate energy are still preserved.

Most of the city's properties were confiscated by Union forces. The main families had left the city to take refuge in safer places long before the Civil War, and they arranged for enslaved people to be taken away before the advance of Union troops, as was usual. Some slaves may have escaped in search of freedom beyond the borders of the Union. A branch of the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, a component of the National Park System, is located in Roswell, on Vickery Creek.

To call Roswell (Georgia) from abroad, you must dial the United States prefix (+), the prefix, and the local phone number you want to call.

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