What is the area code for roswell ga?

Roswell, Georgia, officially uses an area code overlay where the 470, 678, 770, and 943 area codes correspond to the same geographic area. It is necessary to dial ten digits (area code+seven-digit number). In addition to information about the Roswell, Georgia area codes, read more about the 470, 678, 770, and 943 area codes and the Georgia area codes. In the mid-1830s, King rebuilt a factory that would soon become the largest in North Georgia: Roswell Mill.

This means that if you want to make a phone call to a Roswell phone number in the state of Georgia, you must use the 470, 678, or 770 area code. In 1830, during a trip to North Georgia, Roswell King passed through the area of what is now Roswell and saw the great potential to build a cotton mill along Vickery Creek. To call abroad to Roswell, Georgia, you must dial the U.S. country code (+), the dialing code, and the local phone number you want to call.

Because Roswell residents wanted local government, they submitted a municipal charter for incorporation into the Georgia General Assembly.

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