Who founded roswell georgia?

The city of Roswell was founded in 1839 by Roswell King, who moved to the area in 1836. Roswell is now the eighth largest city in Georgia, but its fastest growth in. In 1829, Roswell King, a successful businessman, landowner and slave owner from Darien, Georgia, went to the beautiful mountainous region of North Georgia to investigate the prospects for gold mining. Roswell's Plaza Mayor was built in 1839 as part of the city's original design devised by founder Roswell King, and was created as a recreational space. Shopping in Roswell You could spend hours wandering the streets of downtown Roswell and exploring the unique boutiques and markets of Canton Street.

While Roswell is one of the largest cities in the state, it's consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in Georgia. Seasonal Events Visit the Roswell CVB event calendar online site and learn more about seasonal and annual events in downtown Roswell. The industrialist and businessman Roswell King was seventy years old when he founded the city that bears his name, Roswell. Roswell was recently named the first bicycle-friendly city in Georgia by the League of American Cyclists.

President Jimmy Carter's aunt, Emily Dolvin-Visscher, known as the president's Roswell White House, has been the focus of his many visits to Roswell. From its indigenous Cherokee heritage to the Gold Rush and, later, the beginnings of an industrial city devastated by the Civil War, Roswell is now home to a variety of elegant shops, museums and restaurants, many of which are housed in the same buildings that shaped Roswell's history.

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